I started sweating as soon as I heard this…(on how to do impossible things), by Sally Hope (GB Teacher Trainee)

Sally Hope is a renegade Life Coach, leader of the Wildheart Revolution, and soon to be certified Kundalini yoga teacher who believes that the secret to happiness is to love yourself enough to make the

I Created ‘Grief Yoga’ Because the Body Remembers the Pain We’ve Felt, By Paul Denniston

Join Paul and David Kessler for their workshop Grief Yoga at Golden Bridge Yoga NYC on Sunday, May 1st, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm. “Men don’t cry, toughen up and be strong.” As a shy


“Be careful what you pray for, because it just might come true,” could be the motto for the month of April. Our words have an amplified power of potency at this time, and this power

On organized life – what does it have to do with Yoga and Meditation? by Rainer Perry

Join Rainer for his workshop Yoga for Organizing Your Life at Golden Bridge Yoga NYC on Thursday, April 14th, 630pm – 930pm Is there a constant mess somewhere in your life that needs serious cleaning?

The Animal Within, by Jarrod Mayer

Join Jarrod and Melody for their workshop The Animal Within – Sound Bath for the Earth at Golden Bridge Yoga NYC on Saturday, April 9th, 3pm – 6pm My wife, Melody, and I have been