Fall Equinox

Time To Celebrate And Give Thanks

September 20, 2020 | Cost $40 USD

Let this Celebration be pure childlike delight in the harvest time… the gathering from the fields, the trees, and the forests for the coming of the Winter. As the leaves change colors and fall from the tree limbs, let us dance together in joy, thankfulness, and togetherness. Please join us for a lively Kundalini Yoga class and a powerful Meditation in the middle of “it all.” This is our time to sing, dance, and bow to the glorious Earth. Let’s bring in the harvest together… Body, Mind, and Soul. Let us call all those who have traveled this Path on Earth to join us. Let us join in peace, love, and light for all in the joy of the magic, the mystic, and the unknown that will carry us across the world ocean to our Source, Roots, Creator.


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