Commemorate special occassions and/or experience the collective energy of loved ones for growth and healing with private sessions of Kundalini Yoga and more! For any additional specialized offerings or for inquiries on groups over 10 people, please e-mail us at


Adi Shakti Goddess Celebration
$275, up to 10 people

Celebrating the Adi Shakti/Goddess energy that lives in every woman, this session invites everyone to connect to their inner strength and feminine power with a kriya & meditation.

Bellydance & the Chakras
$275, up to 10 people

Select a chakra that you would like to focus on and explore the female form through dance, yoga, meditation and laughter.

Group Gong Bath
$275, up to 10 people

Enjoy sound healing with a partner, colleagues and/or good friends. This session offers a warm up, small kriya set, and is followed with a 45 minute gong bath. The gong is a powerful instrument that supports deeper relaxation and rejuvenation of ones creative potential. It is also a relaxing way to decompress and recalibrate the system.

Welcoming the Soul – A 120th Day Celebration
$275, up to 10 people

Yogic tradition recognizes that the soul enters the body of mother 120 days after conception. This ceremony is a celebration of new life and ushers in the soul with love and support of mother and child. It should be scheduled on the 120 day of pregnancy and is a special gathering of prayers, mantra and ceremony to bless both mother and incoming child—and to support the mother in her role to bring forth the best in her child to be.


Relationship Reset
$200, 2ppl

These sessions offer an opportunity for couples to have authentic interaction and enhance their communication, while clearing old debris from the past and resetting the stage for a sacred and loving future. Come prepared to do deep, loving work and may include notes to continue at home.

One-on-One Sessions

One-hour private lessons in Kundalini, Hatha/Vinyasa, or therapeutic Yoga with one of our knowledgeable teachers.