Khalsa Way Prenatal Teacher Training Program

Our Birth Story

The Khalsa Way was founded by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa in 1995. She was already an established Kundalini Yoga teacher and was a student of Yogi Bhajan. When pregnant women started coming to her regular Kundalini class she realized a great need for the teaching to be specialized for mama’s to be. Yogi Bhajan gave Gurmukh his blessing to translate the teachings for the pregnancy community. And so it began. Starting with just a few mamas in her home, it has grown over 25 years supporting Khalsa Way teachers and communities all over the word.

What makes Khalsa Way unique

Our prenatal yoga is designed to support you and your baby mentally, spiritually and physically throughout your pregnancy, birth and the first three years of life. It is empowering, educating and builds communities of like minded parents. We know that the child begins its life journey when it enters its mother’s womb. That is why we believe it is so important for women to feel safe, sacred and supported in this very special time.

You will move your body with yoga and breath, learn to meditate and connect with other women.

Mommy and Me!

The women loved coming so much that Gurmukh could not say “good luck” and send them on their way once their babies were born, so Mommy and Me was created! We use the same principals as Kundalini Yoga with a little fun twist to keep the children involved. Not only will you get time to calm your mind, strengthen your body and play with your baby, but your children will also benefit from being in a sacred, loving and interactive environment.

Connecting and sharing with other moms and building friendships takes you beyond a yoga practice solely on the mat.

Family Yoga

Family yoga is a time to bring your whole tribe together to experience the joy and benefits of yoga! Often times it is just the moms who get to experience yoga with us during Prenatal and Mommy and Me, We want all partners to be included in the magic and fun. Children of all ages are welcome. We make it fun for everyone. Moms, dads and anyone you consider family is invited to join this class.

Our Teachers

All of the women who go through our training have a deep love for the pregnancy and birthing process. Many are trained Doulas and Midwives. You are sure to find the sweetest, safest and supportive environment when practicing with our teachers.

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