Level 1 Teacher Training Rishikesh

October 1st – 23rd, 2022

Dearest Brothers And Sisters In The Divine,

Sat Nam and God bless you!

We are so so so excited!

Beautiful Rishikesh in Mother India is calling you Home. We are delighted beyond words that we’re all going to be together soon in India. Throughout this past year life for many of us has been challenging and at the same time very rewarding. We pray this Teacher Training will be a respite, reset, and recharge time for you of inspiration and direction. Throughout our 50 years of leading Teacher Trainings, the biggest joy is the friendships and the love that grow within the Trainings.

Teacher Training is more than learning from a book how to live and how to teach. We’ll actually be living, eating, playing, learning, laughing, and teaching together throughout the Training in our magical mountainous home. The air is clear. The sky feels so close. The Stars, the Moon, the Sun… ahh! If you haven’t been in such beautiful nature in a long time, this in itself will be such an experience of delight and wonder.

We’ll be in the fresh air. In the afternoons we’ll have time for walking, resting, and exploring!

The setting is designed for learning. The time is perfect. Are you ready? Are you in?! Rishikesh is Home, where we’ll be sharing time together for our Level One Teacher Training: October 1st – 23rd, 2022.

Please come join us to learn the Ancient Science of Kundalini Yoga. Challenge yourself. Confront self-imposed limits. Touch your Soul. Experience your highest and purest consciousness. Gain the knowledge and confidence to build a more peaceful, healthy, and creative life.

Immerse into a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in this idyllic location on open land in the mountains with the running river. For thousands of years the yogis studied on this same land. The feeling of the energy at the base of the Himalayas is beyond words.

India is everything, just like yoga… beautiful, expansive, dynamic, spontaneous, challenging. Please join us if you are looking for a life-changing opportunity. You will experience your strength and grace, and reconnect to your personal truth.

“If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

This in-person Teacher Training will teach you:

  • All the Postures and Sequencing
  • Meditations
  • How to speak with your most authentic voice
  • How to teach complete classes
  • How to speak effectively and help the students
  • The art of listening
  • How to select music to consider for your classes
  • Chanting
  • Mantra pronunciations, meanings, and effects
  • Mudras
  • Purposes and outcomes of the Kriyas
  • How to prepare a class
  • The student-teacher relationship
  • How to dress appropriately
  • How your appearance contributes to your projection
  • Knowledge and experience in healing yourself and others

Some great reasons to come join us in this amazing Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course:

  • We as teachers are continuing to work on ourselves, exploring how to make this Sacred Work relevant in these times.
  • A clear, systematic approach to the vast dynamic of the Teachings
  • A clear, in-depth explanation of the esoteric and scientific information that is relevant to Spiritual growth through Kundalini Yoga
  • A soothing environment
  • Group Sadhana
  • Delicious vegetarian/vegan cuisine
  • Growing friendships
  • Peaceful quietude for deep experiences
  • Dynamic interaction
  • Teachers with a combined experience of more than 100 years of living and teaching these Teachings
  • Within this group, coming to know each other and your teachers
  • Allowing Consciousness to produce a new pattern in your life
  • Through the power of Collective Consciousness, understanding the Teachings through experience
  • A deep experience that transcends the mind’s mental patternings
  • Fun, joy, dance, and laughter
  • Every afternoon is filled with activities such as walking, coming to know each other, and roaming around the land.

Who Are Your Lead Trainers?

For the past 52 years, Gurmukh has been living and teaching these Teachings globally, feeling so blessed to be part of the worldwide Kundalini Yoga Tribe. Watching these Teachings help humanity keeps her going. The joy that wells up in her heart in anticipation of the 2022 Rishikesh Level One Teacher Training is beyond words….

Gurushabd at 71 years of age has been living and teaching these Teachings for the past 41 years. Gurushabd and Gurmukh have been married for 40 years. They travel the world over… teaching, helping to build community, and serving the planet with this Ancient Technology. Gurushabd, an ardent student as well as teacher, is in love with Kundalini Yoga and is excited to teach you the science in detail. His Sadhanas are long, sharing with you the experience of the science. You will enjoy sharing time with this Beautiful Soul one on one as well as within group settings.

Amanbir is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist. He has been working with patients for 13 years, and teaching Kundalini Yoga for more than 15 years. He has helped people around the globe to heal issues of mind, body, and soul with Yoga and Eastern Medicine. His greatest calling in life is to teach others to heal themselves. He looks forward to being with you. As a healing teacher, he will help to deepen your understanding of your body’s autonomy and the sacred flow of your meridians.

Who Are Your Associate Teachers?

Amrit Nam Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, living in New Delhi, India. In 2007, she was introduced to this magnificent technology, and has been teaching since 2009. She is blessed and graced to be the mother of three children. She is certified in Traditional, Vinyasakrama, and Transformational Yoga; Ayurveda; and energy-work modalities. She is studying to create a new system of Kindergarten with Buddhist philosophy and Waldorf development methods. Loving Kindness, Compassion, and Service are key to her life.

Balwant Singh has studied and practiced Kundalini Yoga with Gurmukh and Gurushabd for more than 20 years. In 2011, Balwant Singh started teaching and has since assisted with more than a dozen Golden Bridge Teacher Training Programs. He is dedicated to delivering these Teachings, for he has witnessed the incredible results of this amazing Technology and wishes for people to live extraordinary lives through the practice of the Art and Science of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. He enjoys helping people to find and develop their inner warrior, and is excited to relate these concepts and practices to you this Autumn in India.

Gail Atma Dharam, a mother of two, resides in New York City with her beautiful husband Bill. For 17 years, she has been a Khalsa Way Prenatal and Kundalini Yoga teacher. She believes that laughter, love, kindness, and Kundalini Yoga can work miracles. During the Covid pandemic, she designed a weekly remote Zoom “Kundalini Chair Yoga For All” class for her mother who, at 85, had never done any yoga. In the first class her mother conquered her initial fear of yoga by starting movement and meditation in a more comfortable seated posture on a chair. By the end of that class she experienced a profound shift from chronic pain to feeling pain free.

Born in Mexico City, Harpreet Kaur is a second-generation yogi. Her mother was one of the first Kundalini Yoga Teachers in Mexico trained by Guru Dev Singh. Harpreet Kaur was fortunate to receive these Teachings at a young age from her mother, Guru Dev Singh, and Yogi Bhajan in Española, New Mexico, USA. Her healing methodology, “Inner Reset,” is based on Craniosacral Therapy, Family Constellations, and Kundalini Yoga. She lives in Mallorca, Spain, with her husband and three children.

Jugat Guru Singh was born into and grew up within this beautiful lifestyle. Throughout his entire life he has been immersed in these Teachings, guided by Yogi Bhajan and mentored by Guru Dev Singh in Sat Nam Rasayan. For more than 25 years, Jugat Guru Singh has lived in India, studying with various great Masters the Sound Current and the Scriptures along with the depth of the cultures. For 25 years around the world, in order to share this experience, Jugat Guru Singh has been teaching Kundalini Yoga Level One and Level Two Courses, leading Intensives, and facilitating Japas. For 28 years, he has been married to his beautiful wife. They are the blessed parents of three radiant children.

Full refund up to 30 days before start date. No refunds after 30 days to start date as we have to pay accommodation fees at that time.

Saturday, October 1st
12:00 Noon – 5:00 pm — Registration
5:00 pm — Dinner
6:30 pm — Welcome Circle

Sample schedule below.
Daily schedule subject to possible slight changes:
4-7 Sadhana: Morning Yoga and Meditation Practice
7-9 Breakfast and Rest
9-12 Yoga Practice and cCass
12-2:30 Lunch and break
2:30 – 5:30 Meditation Practice and Class
5:30 – 7:30 Dinner
7:30 – 8:30 Various Events

Total Cost Double Occupancy: $3800
Total Cost Single Occupancy: $4800[*Single occupancy is waitlist only as of June 13, 2022;
email to get on waitlist]

Full Payment via BTC Double Occupancy

Double Occupancy Deposit

Single Occupancy Deposit
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  • WHEN DO WE LEAVE THE NIRVANA RIVER RESORT?Your room is paid from October 1, 2022 to early afternoon on October 23, 2022. Check out is after lunch time on October 23, 2022. There will be a 1/2 day of class on October 23, 2022. If you would like to arrive earlier or stay later at the resort, please contact the Nirvana River Resort directly as Golden Bridge is not responsible for any early or extended stays. You can book directly for early or late stay via Please know that if you arrive early and stay at the Nirvana – you may have to change rooms for the course as we arrange all room assignments in advance of the course.
  • HOW DO I GET FROM DELHI TO RISHIKESH AND BACK?You can fly from Delhi to Deradhun (we recommend Spice, India or Jet Air Airlines). Once you arrive to Deradhun Airport you will need transport to the course. The flight from New Delhi to Deradhun is approximately 1 hour. Another option is to take a train from Delhi to Haridwar. The train leaves from New Delhi (Station Code NDLS) and goes to Haridwar (Station Code HW) and takes 4.5 hours. For more information, please see the Indian Rail website.**For transportation arrangements from the airport or train station to the Nirvana River Resort or information on how to get there please contact Govind Agarwal. He is the managing director and can arrange this for you.Govind Agarwal
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    The Nirvana Palace –
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  • WHAT ABOUT TIPPING?We do not tip any staff during our stay at the Nirvana Resort. Rather, we leave a collective group tip at the end of our stay, which the staff divides between them. Generally this tip is around $30/person for the month stay. In addition, if you use porters to assist you with your luggage, plan on $1/piece of luggage each time you use them. For taxis within Delhi count on $1$ 2/trip.
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  • HOW SHOULD I DRESS WHEN TRAVELING THROUGH INDIA?For women, please dress modestly with respect for the culture. It is preferred to not wear tank tops and halters or shorts. Also when traveling through India it is best not to wear tight or transparent clothes that show too much skin or underarms.Instead wear loose fitting graceful clothing such as Indian Kurtas. Long skirts are also a good option. This is to not only show respect for the culture but to also not draw unwanted attention to yourself.
    For men, we suggest not to wear tank tops. Kurta shirts and T-shirts are fine. You will be doing a lot of Kundalini Yoga and meditation so we prefer white or light colored clothing. Also, head coverings are highly recommended.There is plenty of shopping in Ram Jula and Laxshman Jula. These areas are about 45 minutes to an hour below where the training is being held. So, you can do plenty of shopping for clothes if you arrive early before the training begins.
  • WHAT IS THE NIRVANA RIVER RESORT?For more information please see: Because we will be up in the mountains please make sure to bring all of your toiletries and any necessary comforts with you from home. There will be days off during the course when you will be able to travel down to Laxshman Jhula or Ram Jhula (where Parmarth Niketan Ashram is located).


  • WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO COMPLETE REGISTRATION?Completion of the registration form as well as a deposit paid are necessary to consider your registration complete and your spot reserved.
  • WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY MANUAL/BOOKS?Close to the start of the Training, we will email you a PDF of your manual which you may wish to have printed before traveling to India or utilize on an electronic device. In addition, there are two required books that you will need to purchase on your own. You may purchase in book form or on Kindle. Those two books are:1.) Enlightened Bodies: Exploring Physical and Subtle Human Anatomy by Nirmal Lumpkin and Japa Kaur Khalsa [for reference:] 2.) The Kundalini Yoga Posture Manual by Gurudass Kaur and Badha Kirin Kaur [For reference:]
  • I’M NEW TO KUNDALINI YOGA WHAT’S “SADHANA”?Sadhana is a 2 hour morning practice consisting of prayer, yoga and meditation. It’s powerful, uplifting and sets a beautiful tone for the day.
  • IS THERE ANYWAY TO CONNECT WITH MY FELLOW TRAINEES PRIOR TO THE COURSE?Yes. We will set up a What’s App Group Chat just for students of our Teacher Trainings. Once you register, we will set you up in the chat.
  • WHO DO I CONTACT IF I HAVE ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS?Please contact Dass Padmani she will be happy to answer any of your questions! Her email is