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Los Angeles

  • 1357 N. Highland
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
    (323) 936-4172


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About our Studio

Golden Bridge offers over 100 classes per week taught by highly experienced teachers. In addition, we offer numerous workshops, special events and teachers trainings. Together these provide students the opportunity to deepen their practice and further their understanding of various spiritual teachings.

Golden Bridge is a community dedicated to the cultivation of consciousness, with the belief that "happiness is the birth right of every human being". From the moment you step through our doors, you implicitly understand that very first principal of the teachings.

Also at Golden Bridge LA

  • Nite Moon Café

    Start your morning with organic coffees, teas, and smoothies, delicious homemade pastries, breads and fresh fruits. Lunch begins with an extraordinary salad bar, homemade soups with our chef’s special touch, and sandwiches out of this world. A perfect setting for business lunches, birthday parties or just a quick bite after class with a friend. Drop by and pick up lunch for the office, and dinner for home. A vegetarian’s dream! Nite Moon Café page

  • Amrit Davaa Wellness Center

    Amrit Davaa Wellness Center offers an interdisciplinary approach to your total health and wellness. All of our practitioners are experienced, dedicated professionals who are focused on your individual needs. With our integrated approach, you will be able to find the right health care practitioner for you.

  • Sara Eaglewoman

    Sara Eaglewoman is known by many as the Urban Shaman, one who practices the ancient ways bringing them to life to heal and transform in today's world. A direct descendant of Geronimo, Eaglewoman is carrying on the lineage as a Medicine Woman of the Apache Nation. Her transformational healing work clears, moves and cleanses energies which are stagnant or blocked so that prosperity, abundance, health and happiness may reside. Through divine alchemy she realigns and redesigns your physical and ethereal bodies going right to the core of where dis-ease originates, so that one may rapidly shift, heal and elevate, creating an expansion in your life beyond what ones linear mind can comprehend. Eaglewoman heals through the purest of hearts, living in, healing, discerning and teaching with her heart mind. She lives in constant relation to and communication with the vastness of Spirit, bringing Creator's divine vision for your soul to manifestation on the earth plane. She offers Private Healing/Counseling sessions and Workshops.