Radiant Power Of Women

Hvar, Croatia

October 6th – 11th 2020

Course Description

A World Women’s Summit

Time for the tribes of all the women of the world to gather in the name of love and light. Time for all women everywhere to meditate, love, laugh, and bring joy, dance, healing, and peace to all. In our 5 days together we shall radiate the light the world needs right now… with Kundalini Yoga, Sadhana, meditation, chanting, and dancing. We shall enjoy eating healthful, prana-filled foods together. We shall swim… imbibing the warm seawater, letting the waves wash us gently to the island shores. We shall stroll with each other, and enjoy shopping. By praying for the world and BreathWalk, we shall become stronger as individuals and stronger collectively. We shall share time with sisters from all over the world… enjoying unequaled sunrises and sunsets, dwelling in the love of the small village where minds are quieter. This is a time to behold and not to be missed! Gather your sisters, mothers, daughters, students, teachers, and friends. Now is the time. The time is now. This is how we as women bring peace to the world. Our union in solidarity is the greatest gift we shall give to this world and the generations to come. See you on the ancient mythical magical island in Croatia. We are calling you Home!

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