Radiant Power of Women at Golden Bridge Yoga Santa Monica, by Wahe Khalsa

Radiant Power of Women: Heart to Heart ~ Creating Connection

This is the first time we are offering Radiant Power of Women in Santa Monica, CA.

When we first started talking about where we wanted to bring women together to share this experience we thought exotic: Mexico, Greece, beach, sun, sand… and then we realized that we live in one of the most exotic and spiritually rich places already, Santa Monica! We decided to go no further… We have a beautiful studio by the sea and why not just gather here!

Why not build a local tribe of sisters right here in our own community!

Radiant Power of Women is a time to immerse in these beautifully designed teachings for women. It is a launch pad to ignite your lifestyle with tools that allow you to know your strength and grace. We do it together because a tribe can go further then an individual. When we feel the support of like minded women something in us shifts, we are no longer alone. Once we feel secure and safe we can dive deeper, get real and honest about how we want to improve our lives and relationships.

Our three days together will be fun, vital and leave you feeling connected. We will start our day before the sun with morning Sadhana (yoga, chanting, meditation). After Sadhana we will move our bodies with dance to invigorate the day! Kundlaini Yoga will happen everyday with Gurmukh and we will take advantage of our location near the beach, taking meditative breath walks. The afternoons will be time spent in learning these teachings and how to apply them to our lives. We will have wonderful guest teachers Dr. Azita Nahai and Sukhdev Jackson. Our Sunday will end with a sacred ceremony and early dinner.

Come meet women who will walk with you on the path of spiritual development. Spend time bonding within and without. It is a time to see the world though our wide open hearts. YOU are who YOU have been looking for. Come, be together.

No Kundalini Yoga experience required.
Just women.
Sacred space full of grace.
Be a part of the tribe.

June 10th, 11th & 12th | Golden Bridge Yoga Santa Monica

5:00am to 5:00pm daily (Nothing is required; all is encouraged)

For any questions email: wah@goldenbridgeyoga.com

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