Spring Equinox from Tulum Mexico Zoom Class

March 20th, 2021

5:30 – 7 PM EST

The Spring Equinox tradition and legacy was designed by Creator’s Divine Wisdom to guide us as we journey together from darkness to light. As Spring begins, night and day stand in perfect balance, moving in the direction of Light. What a miraculously divine day for celebration! Throughout thousands of years the Ancient Ones gathered together all over the world on the Spring Equinox. On March 20th, 2021, we shall continue this tradition in Tulum, México. Please join us on the beaches of Tulum live or on Zoom with Gurushabd and Gurmukh for Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Chanting, Dancing, and Live Music with blue skies above, Sunshine, and the ocean breeze. Let us dance together as we journey together into the Light!