Dec 14 2017 - Jan 14 2018

A Holiday Celebration For Sure!

  • Gurmukh
  • 12/17/2017
  • 06 : 30 PM - 09 : 00 PM
  • $45 in advance / $55 day of

Please join Gurmukh and our Golden Bridge Family for a night of merriment…a joyous evening to bring in pure spirit of the miracle of life! All are welcome in the name of celebration, light, and love!

How we found each other in this world of 7 billion-plus Souls is in itself worthy of a great gathering! Within a deep experience of connection to the Divine, let us gather in the name of Kundalini Yoga with special Meditations for the upcoming Winter Solstice as we prepare to enter 2018.

Please bring brand-new warm socks for children, women, and men. We will gather 1,000 pairs to donate to the Bowery Mission, which will help to warm those in New York City. They will all be so grateful for your heartfelt kindness in this magical season of caring and sharing. New warm socks on a cold night are the best! Bring many socks so that we might join all the peoples in the City in prayer and giving on this auspicious night.

Hot apple cider will be served after a delicious Gong experience.

A New Day Dawning – Winter Solstice Celebration

The longest night gives way for our days to grow longer. This is a great time to examine our shadow and grow into a new relationship with what we often ignore. When we confront the darkness we elevate ourselves out of duality and move into a deeper relationship with spirit. On this night, we will illuminate the soul and spark the dormant seed of light from within.

Beings of Peace – A Special Christmas Day Class

  • Randhir
  • 12/25/2017
  • 10 : 00 AM - 12 : 00 PM
  • $35 in advance / $45 day of

The source of true peace has is always present, in our hearts, minds and connection to spirit, and without inner peace, there is no outer peace. Join us for Kundalini Yoga and meditation on Christmas Day to connect to that source for a real respite from the crazy dance of the world around us.

In this special holiday class, we practice in community with the power of awakened humans to bring light and healing to the season and the universe through our group energy, open hearts, forgiveness, and goodwill.

New Year’s Eve – Kundalini Yoga Bash

The Annual New Year’s Eve at Golden Bridge! Cross into the Year 2018 with your friends and family in high vibration. In numerology, the new year holds the vibration of Eleven ( (2+0+1+8= 11), the vibration of relationships as one self connects to another to create together. There’s no better way to move into the new energy than in community and love.

Please join us as we prepare our vessel with intention and projection and fuel it with Kundalini Yoga, deep meditation, double gong bath, and chanting into midnight to take off into a new world.

Yoga and Chanting: 9:30 pm - 12:15 am
Delicious food to follow with yogis & loved ones
Doors open at 9:00 pm

Decoding 2018 – Astrology & Kundalini Immersion

Join us for an full day immersive experience to explore the skies of 2018 and attune with the planetary pulse. This fun day will weave kundalini yoga, meditation, and gong in conjunction with a deep sky exploration.

We will explore the astrology and numerology for all in matters of relationships, true calling, finances, and health as well as our global climate.

We will cover:
  • Dynamics of the Aquarian Age
  • A yogic perspective of the 12 sun signs
  • The major eclipses, retrogrades, and alignments
  • Utilizing the energies of the celestial bodies in 2018
  • Determining your personal yearly cycle with numerology
  • Creating a personal meditation to harness the astrology/numerology transits

Join Rebecca Gordon (Siri Radha Kaur), renowned NYC astrologer, and Amanbir, acclaimed Kundalini Teacher as they bring you a clear road map to successfully navigate your path in 2018.

Set Your New Year Intention

  • Satya
  • 01/11/2018
  • 06 : 30 PM - 08 : 00 PM
  • $60

Start the New Year off with a fresh intention and join Satya, Founder of Satya Jewelry for her fun, inspiring manifestation workshop. Weaving in Kundalini yoga, Satya will lead you through the sacred art of mala making and how malas are used in daily practice to help manifest miracles. Creating a personal mala works to open the heart and serves as a talisman for individual empowerment and well-being.

Each attendee will leave the workshop with a one-of-a-kind mala bracelet that they are encouraged to use for a 40-day meditation.

Clearing Past Relationships: Annual Women’s Workshop

  • with Siri Sat
  • 01/14/2018 - 12/14/2017
  • 12 : 30 PM - 04 : 30 PM
  • $50 in advance / $60 day of

Time to clear the energetic ties that bind us to past relationships.

Using the science of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, we will remove auric imprints from our past. This will clear our subconscious, connect with our sacred heart-space and set our Arclines to bright white light to strengthen and attract high-frequency connections in the present and future. This workshop applies to any type of relationship, whether it’s romantic, family oriented, a friendship, or in the workplace. It is designed to clear any negative projections and help us to understand our dynamics and give a fresh start.

You do not need yoga experience, just an open mind and willingness to work.