Aug 23 2017 - Sep 23 2017

Summer Cleanse for Vibrant Health 5 Days of Transformation

The summer allows a great opportunity to purify the vessel of our bodies as well as renew our strength and health. We will come together each morning as a group to connect to the breakthrough space of kundalini Yoga, Deep Meditation, and the healing Gong current.

This cleanse will be personally tailored for each individual—open to all. Amanbir will assess each participant's constitution and they will be given a personally tailored diet for the 5 day cleanse. Additionally, students can purchase a personally tailored herbal formula to deepen the experience.

For more information, please e-mail Amanbir at

Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday Celebration with Mia

  • Mia Haber
  • 08/26/2017
  • 03 : 00 PM - 05 : 30 PM
  • $35 Pre Registration, $45 Day of

Strengthen your connection to the mastery and wisdom within yourself! We invite you to join us and your global community in connecting with the spirit of our teacher Yogi Bhajan on this special day.

Together we will experience and celebrate in gratitude the precious teachings he shared of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, the healing vibrations of the gong, and use his own personal mantra to call on the light of Guru Ram Das—awakening gifts of miraculous healing and inner wisdom. All levels of experience welcome!

Labor Day Intensive: A Call to Harvest

Labor day prepares us for the coming full moon—known as the The Harvest Moon—a time to turn inward to do important soul work and a time to take personal assessment of the seeds we planted in the beginning of the year.

What has come to fruition? What do we still desire which needs more tending to in order to come into full harvest?? What do we need to surrender, to accept, to let go of as we take stock of our lives? Through the use of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Healing, we will meet this “Call to Harvest” as a spiritual community, and what we cannot do alone…we can do together.