Oct 22 2017 - Nov 22 2017

Anand Naad: Mantra of Magic, Beauty & Bliss with Amanbir & Siri Sat

Known as the Song of Bliss, chanting Anand is one of the most powerful ways to lift one’s consciousness out of depression and negativity. In Kundalini Yoga, the combination chanting both the english mantra for beauty and the opening of Anand Sahib is a powerful formula for endless joy.

It brings you directly into a greater state of bounty, bliss, and beauty. On this night, we will learn to chant this powerful mantra and connect to this energy field. Please feel free to bring your cushion/pillows for an experience of deep meditation and gong relaxation afterwards. Those who pre-register will receive a copy of the lyrics ahead of time.

"You are uplifting somebody to the next stage of level to get them out of the depression and give them the impression that life is bountiful, beautiful and blissful for them as it is for everybody." —Yogi Bhajan

Harmonizing The Two Teachers: Receive The Blessings Of Jupiter And Saturn

  • Guru Dharam
  • 11/01/2017
  • 07 : 00 PM - 09 : 30 PM
  • $40 till Oct 27th / $50 after

A Kundalini Master Class with Guru Dharam

'The two teachers' are the influence of Saturn and Jupiter in our lives. In traditional Western astrology, they are known respectively as the 'great malefic' and the 'great benific' in a polarity exerting the challenging influence of Saturn, and the easy beneficial influence of Jupiter.

Yogic lore teaches us that Jupiter blesses us with expansion, wisdom and divine knowledge. Saturn teaches us that its qualities of constriction, karma and discipline lead to refinement, purity and strength, essential qualities of the spiritual seeker.

Harmonizing the two teachers gives you a singularity of purpose and a one pointedness of mind that brings success, balance, and peace of mind to your life.

Please bring a yoga mat or whatever you need in order to be comfortable!

Finding Your Life’s Purpose – A Spiritual Approach

  • Randhir
  • 11/05/2017
  • 02 : 00 PM - 05 : 00 PM
  • $40 in advance / $50 day of

A Workshop for Understanding Who You are & What You are Supposed to Do with Randhir

What am I supposed to do with my life? With growing consciousness comes more questioning of your decisions, of the way your life is going. Many of us find themselves at crossroads today, troubled by doubt, insecurity, and drained by meaningless activities and unfulfilled lives. We are meant to do something that only we can do. We know deep inside that if we find our purpose and live it, we will be saved. But what is it? And how do we know?

In this workshop, we use various techniques—including Kundalini Yoga, partner exercises, and self-analysis—that put us in touch with our authentic self, that help us identify who we are, and enable us to hear our life’s calling. Inspired by the messages of the Bhagavad Gita—the ultimate book about your life’s purpose—we move closer to our truth. Open to all levels. Please bring a notepad.

Holistic Gong Intensive

  • Jarrod, Melody
  • 11/11/2017
  • 10 : 00 AM - 05 : 30 PM
  • $100 in advance / $125 day of

The Gong represents the primordial sound of the universe. It represents the omnipresent naad of the universe which pervades all sentient beings. Most importantly, the gong is a tool to bring about the Nada, the nothing…the deep inner silence where we communicate directly with the divine.

This intensive will cover the philosophy of the Gong as well as different techniques for creating your own unique style. We will cultivate an awareness for The Gong that will combine knowledge and intuition into a powerful healing. We will utilize Yogic technology and traditional sound healing protocols. If you have a gong please feel free to bring it.

Lunch will be 45 minutes. Please plan accordingly.

  • Some Topics Covered Will Include
  • Different Strokes for Playing
  • Using the 5 Elements to Direct Energy
  • Holistic Sound Philosophy
  • Intro to Nada Yoga
  • Meditations and Teachings of the Gong
  • Play Time!

Hummee Hum Brahm Hum Learning to live by the beat of your heart

  • Sat Siri
  • 11/16/2017
  • 06 : 30 PM - 09 : 00 PM
  • $35 in advance / $45 day of

These are stress-filled times we are living in. Some days feel like we are being pulled in a thousand directions. To-do-lists, the pressure of technology, endless e-mails, the madness of social media, the 24-hour news cycle that puts endless pressure on our already frayed nerves...all of it can put our minds and our lives in a spin.

We, as Yogis, know with this technology of Kundalini Yoga that there can be another way to live. A way where we connect to our breath, where we go within and reset. Where the outside world no longer hooks us into its endless chaos.

The mantra Hummee Hum Brahm Hum literally means that we are the spirit of God, of the Divine. We have everything we desire, crave for, and run after already within us. It is a returning to that truth. It is a profound remembering.

Living by the beat of our own hearts, the mind surrenders, releases its tight grip, and we can then enjoy the bliss and true joy of this human experience. Please join me for a night of yoga, meditation and chanting to return to the beautiful wisdom of living in accordance to our own hearts

"Love is the ultimate state of human behavior, where compassion prevails and kindness rules." ~ Yogi Bhajan

Sat Siri is a trailblazing, next generation Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer. She travels the world teaching Kundalini Yoga and opened the first Kundalini Yoga studio in Sydney, Australia. A former ballet dancer with the Australian Ballet, Sat Siri has been practicing Yoga and Meditation for over twenty years and teaching Kundalini Yoga for fourteen. She was blessed to complete her Kundalini Yoga teacher training under the guidance of Yogi Bhajan in 2003.

Attitude of Gratitude: A Special Thanksgiving Morning

Yoga and Potluck in Gratitude and Community

Before the tables all over New York City and beyond are set for dinner with loved ones, we’ll set the tone in the morning with Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and treats at Golden Bridge.

Yogi Bhajan said: “Appreciation is an art and a lifestyle and a source of happiness and fulfillment. It’s called gratitude—an attitude of gratitude.”

We’ll practice that art and develop our own attitude of gratitude in the company of our yoga friends and family. Join us for this special event to prepare the body, mind, and spirit with yoga so that your hearts will be full of love and appreciation—the most delicious offering for the rest of your Thanksgiving day.

"Wish and Dish" potluck after! Please bring a dish and a wish to share if you plan to stay. All vegetarian foods and drink are welcome and please let us know what you plan to bring so we can organize a diverse menu. If you want to bring a dish, please contact before.