Gurmukh's Message

Dearest Brothers And Sisters In The Divine,

Sat Nam and God bless you.

How many of you know, have experienced, and been in the presence of one of the most beautiful flowers Creator has created? I can smell the scent of this flower just in my remembrance. I smile when I see this flower in my mind's eye. This flower starts out in a very tight circular bud on a beautiful bush. Little ants crawl all around, across, and under the bud in the beginning of its bloom. As the bud slowly opens, the ants, who have completed their work, disappear. Hundreds of petals open into a most delightful flower called the Peony whose colors range from white through every shade imaginable into the arrival of fuchsia. The Peony is one of the most beautiful flowers whose scent will be remembered forever.

The other day I said to a lady, "You remind me of a Peony!"

She exclaimed, "What?!"

I said, "I'm watching you open petal by petal by petal into your full bloom!"

This is the year for full bloom for all of us. This is not a year to keep our buds tight, and to be afraid to open. Let us invite Sunshine, Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Ether into the play of who we are. The five elements are known to the Yogis as the Tattvas. When they come to you and around you, they become you. The balance comes in Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Ether so that we shall bloom.

Do not spend this year on the outside, caught in circumstantial evidence of what sometimes may seem like disaster or betrayal of humanity, which leaves you in doubt and fear. Go to that eternal balance within that eternal self, which is always Joy, no matter what. If you commit to that in the first of this year, the outcome will be: Magic, Mysticism, Mystery, and Mischief.

The 4 M's will bring a smile of delight to your face, which will then transfer on to all the people you see. Smiles say more than anything. Your smile counts! Science has proved that when we smile, certain elements in our brains and in our thinking become ignited into what we all Joy. Keep Up! Keep going. Find a way to serve with whatever skills Creator has given you and with whatever creativity has been given you this lifetime. Receive those skills and that creativity, and run with them to help people to find their Joy.

As we travel the world over, I do see with my eyes, hear with my ears, and feel within my self that a revolution into the evolution of humanity is happening. Keep John Lennon's song Imagine close to your heart. When the mind wants to trip you out and lead you elsewhere, hold the Dream.

Collectively there shall be a Victory. Keep in the forefront the 4 M's: Magic, Mysticism, Mystery, and Mischief! Blessings to you all in this beautiful, mighty, and powerful year of 10!

Love To You All,


Upcoming Events


Wanderlust Squaw Valley
  • Olympic Valley, California
  • July 21st – July 23rd, 2017
Omega — The Radiant Power of Women Retreat
  • Rhinebeck, New York
  • August 6th – August 11th, 2017
Sat Nam Fest East Berkshires
  • Lenox, Massachusetts
  • August 12th – August 13th, 2017
Diving into the Blue Pearl Immersion
  • Golden Bridge Yoga New York City
  • August 15th – August 17th, 2017
Teacher Training – Level 2 LifeCycles & LifeStyles
  • Golden Bridge Yoga New York City
  • September 19th – September 24th, 2017
Teacher Training Level 1
  • Golden Bridge Yoga New York City
  • September 28th, 2017 – February 18th, 2018
TriYoga Camden
  • London, England
  • October 14th – October 15th, 2017
The Radiant Power of Women Immersion
  • Paleochora, Crete, Greece
  • October 15th – October 21st, 2017
Teacher Training – Level 2 Authentic Relationships
  • BanoŇ°tor, Serbia
  • October 24th – October 29th, 2017
Teacher Training – Level 2 Vitality & Stress
  • Mohanchatti, Rishikesh, India
  • November 7th – November 12th, 2017
Sattva Summit
  • Mohanchatti, Rishikesh, India
  • November 7th – November 13th, 2017
Teacher Training – Level 2 Conscious Communication
  • Mohanchatti, Rishikesh, India
  • November 14th – November 19th, 2017
  • China
  • November 23rd – November 26th, 2017
  • Vietnam
  • November 27th – December 4th, 2017
Guru Dev Singh’s International Sat Nam Rasayan Retreat
  • Perugia, Italy
  • December 3rd – December 9th, 2017


Khalsa Way Prenatal Teacher Training Program
  • Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  • January 20th – January 27th, 2018
  • Miami, Florida
  • February 2nd – February 4th, 2018
World Sacred Spirit Festival, Nagaur Music Festival
  • Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
  • February 16th – February 18th, 2018
International Yoga Festival
  • Rishikesh, India
  • March 1st – March 7th, 2018
Teacher Training Immersion Level 1
  • Mohanchatti, Rishikesh, India
  • March 8th – March 31st, 2018
GuruRamDas Yoga Studio
  • Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa
  • April 7th – April 8th, 2018
The Cederberg Mountain Nature Reserve
  • Cederberg, South Africa
  • April 11th – April 15th, 2018
Semperviva Yoga City Studio
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • May 25th – May 27th, 2018
Omega — Wisdom of Master Yogis
  • Rhinebeck, New York
  • July 27th – July 29th, 2018
Omega — Immersion
  • Rhinebeck, New York
  • July 29th – August 4th, 2018
Khalsa Way Prenatal Teacher Training Program
  • Berlin, Germany
  • October 13th – October 20th, 2018