Gurmukh's Message

Dearest Brothers And Sisters In The Divine,

Sat Nam and God bless you.

We're in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. India is the land of magic, mystery, and mysticism. Happy happy people are here. India is really quite something. We're here for the very exciting Sufi Music and Dance Festival, which will start tonight. We're staying in a very fancy tent.

Here in Jodhpur, in a Café that was built in a 500-year-old building that's falling apart in a very romantic, darling, and creative way, we were having tea with the owner of these beautiful restaurants and hotels. He is a very pleasant man who has acquired wisdom at an early age. He is a Jain, which is a beautiful religion that doesn't want to harm anyone including even little bugs. He has been brought up in a tradition and faith that is based on honesty, giving, prayers, working hard, and serving. He has been a vegetarian since he was a child with no alcohol and no drugs, which is part of the Jain faith. He has developed quite a wisdom at an early age.

We sat together, chatting about his plans to build more hotels and restaurants. He was very kind to the employees, the waiter, the cook, everybody… very kind and at the same time very navel, two wonderful talents to acquire. He said that he has many projects going on now, that he has so many dreams and visions of so much to do in his lifetime. He has a family. His children and parents all live together with his brothers and sisters who also have families and children. They all live in the same household, living and working together. He said, “That's how we do it in India; however right now the only thing that’s going on in my world and my life is you and myself sitting here... sharing tea, smiles, and conversation together. No one is looking for the outcome of more business ventures with each other or of any future plans possibly to meet again. We are capturing and enjoying the moment right now.”

I sat back in my rocky bucket-seat woven-wicker chair, which was about to fall over if I was not careful, with a long inhale and then a long exhale and then relaxation. He was so right. I’m always jumping ahead in the mind. So few times am I here. I realized in that moment that Yoga is so simple and yet most challenging… living in the inhale and then living in the exhale. What mind training is that!

Yogi Bhajan says, “Do not run after anything. Everything you need will come running to you. Patience pays. Let the Hand of God take care of you. He made you. He will take care of you.”

That does not mean to do nothing and just sit all day; rather, move with breath. Then you'll be in the right place at exactly the right time. Speech will be easy. Energy unending, stamina, youth, love, light will come running to you -- not your chasing after everything. Your gift to the world is your presence, the feeling people will feel around you. They will step into that feeling and catch their own potential and possibility for that moment, and thus the chain of impactful resonance begins.

In this new year with more pressure and craziness than ever, the only way out is in. The most important aspect of 2018 is the self-discipline of a daily practice. The best time is before Sunrise for at least 31 minutes and more if possible. Then throughout the day pause often and go within, even for 30 seconds or one minute… wherever you are and whatever you're doing. Go within and then gather yourself back home within… wherever you are. Stop, gather, go within, and then start again in your life and continue on your way. Miracles, magic solutions, brainstorms, and visions will come running to you. All can and will happen if you just stop, inhale, exhale, and relax.

A Blessed and Awakening New Year to you!

Stay tuned. I will show you in a video a beautiful 31-minute early-morning practice for Sadhana that will give you the energy and everything that you need for an amazing, magical, mystical, intuitive, prosperous, and awesome day.

108 Neck Rolls -- 54 one way, and then 54 in the opposite direction
108 Sufi Grinds -- 54 one way, and then 54 in the reverse direction
Ego Eradicator -- 3 Minutes
Aura Strengthening -- 3 Minutes
Give Yourself New Life -- 9 Minutes
Kirtan Kriya -- 11 Minutes

Love To You All,


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