Upcoming Courses

Omega Instituted

  • Rhineback, New York
  • August 2019

Casa Om Retreat Center

  • Puerto Morelos, Mexico
  • May 17th – 23rd, 2020

Radiant Power of Women

When Women gather they heal, when women heal, they heal the world. Join our sacred community of women around the world for a workshop or immersion. Gurmukh and Wah will take you on a soulful and sweet journey using Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Ceremony, Celebration and Connection.

The world is calling us forth to reclaim our place and power. Together we can be reminders to each other to reflect and share our truth and wisdom. It is easy to get lost in our thought of being small, join us to be reminded of your greatness.

It is through community and group consciousness that we can make the changes needed to bring humanity back into harmony. You are an important part of this solution, so come and feel the support of other women as you brave the journey of uncovering your gifts. As Women we can heal though storytelling and recognizing that we are not alone. When we feel a sense of authentic connection and trust, we can experience vulnerability and openness, which lead us to great inner awakenings. Let us be in service to each other as we create a sacred container for ourselves and other women.