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Get Involved

Seva invites you to get involved. There are a number of ways you can participate with Seva , including gifts of service and skills, financial contributions and in-kind and material donations.

You can donate much needed funds that will go directly to Seva projects. You can also make monthly donations, as well as workplace and planned giving. You can even donate frequent flier miles.

You can also give of your time and get connected to our Seva work. Click the “Our Friends” tab to view a list of Seva projects and learn how you can volunteer, get involved and participate!

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Free Food Kitchen is a Project to help the most destitute Communities in the Settlements outside of Cape Town, South Africa, in the middle of Winter there, who are without food or the means to procure food since there is not any work available due to the pandemic. We are providing food for the local women to cook and to share with the Community, especially with the children and the elders. At this time we have funding for only three meals a week. In addition to these three weekly meals, we’re really not sure where else they are able to eat anything. Any contribution will be so helpful. These Communities live at less than a subsistent level without running water and without any plumbing. Please visit their website to see the work that is unfolding. Gardens are being planted so that they might grow their own vegetables, and become self-sustaining. These people are loving, high-spirited people who are good workers. Right now they just need our help.


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  • Ramana’s Garden project

    • March, 2009

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