Yogic Resources

Lectures of Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan was a Master of Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness, and a dedicated and inspired teacher. Since he arrived in the United States in 1969, he dedicated himself to bring meaning, dignity and a reconnection of Spirit into the lives of people everywhere. As he worked diligently to spread the science and practice of Kundalini Yoga throughout the Western Hemisphere and beyond, Yogi Bhajan become widely recognized as a world leader and champion of world peace and healing.

Here is the link to The Yogi Bhajan Library of TeachingsĀ®: Library of Teachings

Yogic Resource Downloads

  • Beginner's Guide to Kundalini Yoga
    Introduction to Kundalini Yoga in one pdf file.
  • Sadhana Mantras
    The mantras chanted at Sadhana in one pdf file.
  • Gurmukh's Favorite Poems
    A collection that has been compiled over many years.