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Ramana’s Garden

Ramana’s Garden is currently home to 55 children and provides an English medium education from Kindergarten to Class V for 137 students. The children that attend our school come from families that otherwise could not afford to provide them with a good education. Our school follows the highest standards of education and is recognized to be on par with the most expensive private schools in the country. Ramana’s is the only school of it’s kind in North India provideng NCERT standard education free to poor and untouchable caste children. Our teachers have been trained by an elite program enabling them to use hands on, creative teaching methods in the classroom. Most importantly, Ramana’s is FREE for our students. We are able to provide such an education to so many children through the generous donations of our sponsors, and we will soon be opening a junior high on location as well.

Our home is a close knit community of love, sharing and respect for others. All 55 children participate in after school tuition to enhance their learning. The tuition is run by both our local teachers and our volunteers. Thanks to their schooling and their interactions with foreign volunteers our children speak excellent English. This is also enhanced by an in-class English Conversation program run by English speaking volunteers.

Please visit their website for more information!

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